Our Profession

Who are we?

We are French and European IP Attorneys in patent, trademark, and design matters - qualification delivered by INPI and EPO.

The profession, and the titles Conseil en Propriété Industrielle (French IP Attorney), and European Patent Attorney, are regulated. The organization of the profession is governed by law, Articles L 421 and R 421 et seq of the (French) Industrial Property Code.

How does one become an IP Attorney?

A first requirement is a Masters level degree in a subject that is technical (for patents) or legal (for trademarks), followed by specialized training in IP law, three years of professional practice, and passing exams set by the CPI (the French professional body).

In CABINET BOETTCHER, we take special care in training our trainees who work for several years under the close supervision of an experienced French IP Attorney.

What are the obligations on a French IP Attorney?

Since we belong to a regulated profession, we are subject to very strict rules of professional conduct, such as:

  • professional secrecy
  • managing conflicts of interest
  • an annual training requirement

Each French IP Attorney is thus necessarily a member of the CPI, the French professional body that ensures compliance with the rules of professional conduct and that sanctions shortcomings.

As you will have gathered, an IP Attorney is neither an examiner at an IP Office, nor merely an innovation adviser.

An IP Attorney is a highly qualified and experienced professional, guaranteeing you advice that is pertinent in terms of strategy and protection of your intellectual property.

Do you have a project? Questions?

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